Old dreams don't die. They just get louder.

About the Film

Marlene Rhein started dancing at the age of six when her parents couldn’t find a babysitter and took her with them to a party. Michael Jackson came on the record player and she exploded out of her timid shell to a wowed crowd of adults. She would go on to find her refuge on the dance floors of New York City and Long Island, and eventually fuse her love of music and film to create music videos for some of the world’s biggest icons, including 2Pac Shakur and Amy Winehouse. Marlene wrote “When the Bass Drops” to convey her passion for dancing to the world and share the idea that music heals and reminds us who we really are.

With a sizzling, well-praised script and a powerful team in place including breakout director David Spaltro, associate producer DJ Red Alert and a slew of old school hip hop artists in support of the project, this film is set to be the most original, heartfelt and humanistic dance film of our time.

We are seeking financial resources to begin filming in 2016.