Old dreams don't die. They just get louder.


    In order to make this authentic, passionate dance movie about second chances, we need your help. Your financial contribution (of any denomination) will go towards getting this film off the ground! It will help get a casting director on board to lock in actors. Put together the core production crew. Secure music rights. Put together choreography and NYC's finest dancers. Create a shooting breakdown and production schedule. Allow us to focus 100% on getting this made!

    Your contribution will not only help get this made, but will earn you a great reward of your choice!

    For any donations:

    • Up to $55, you get a Thank You in the credits
    • $55 or more = a WHEN THE BASS DROPS T-shirt
    • $75 or more = a Hip Hop Dance Lesson at your home (NYC area)
    • $100 or more = Play an extra in one of the movie scenes
    • $250 or more = A make-up lesson with one of the movie's make-up artists
    • $300 or more = Spend a day behind the scenes with the crew on set
    • $400 or more = Headshots with one of the movie's photographers (NYC area)
    • $1000 or more = Product placement of your product, brand, or service featured prominently in the movie
    • $1500 or more = Associate Producer Credit

    ANY amount you contribute, no matter how small, will be truly appreciated by us! This is a safe, secure, PayPal link that will go directly to the film's development fund.